Make Your Logo a Work of Art

Your logo is awesome. It represents your brand and what makes you different. So why slap it onto a boring, stock-standard mug or pen? With the right accessories, you can amplify your visual brand—and give your audience totally unique merch to treasure. 

At Booshie, we make cool accessories to set your brand apart.
That means finding complementary designs, colors, and layouts to enhance your logo and other artwork. Inspire your audience with truly custom accessories that capture your brand’s signature style and story.

  • MUGS
  • PENS
  • CUPS
  • Lanyards & event credentials
  • BAGS
  • pins & patches


How It's Made

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What We Can Make

Accessories are all about maximizing the imprint area—and decorating each item with a thoughtful twist that adds value. From woven labels and full-wrap imprints to leather patches, we’ll find the perfect features to match your vision. Check below for more examples of our favorite custom accessories.

nitro packaging without branding

“I have worked with Chris on our apparel and promotional needs for 20 years now. He has always treated us with great respect and provides us with quality products to fit our budgets. He is always a head of the game when it comes to trends, styles and what’s trending down. His honesty and integrity has always been top notch and has never failed us. He is extremely approachable and is always on call when I have had questions. His knowledge tied together with his fun and energetic personality makes him a joy to work with. I look forward to the next 20 years of working with him.”

– Scott Hannah, Slumberland Furniture