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Tell Your Brand's Story With Style

If you want your brand’s apparel to feel distinct and thoughtful, you’ve got to give it character. Like a hidden element or neat little mark only some will notice. It’s amazing the stories your clothing can tell when you take advantage of those fine touches.

At Booshie, we’re all about the intricate details.
That means adding small yet meaningful features to set your clothing apart, add perceived value, and resonate with the people you’d love to reach. Upgrade your promotion with truly custom apparel that tells your story in every stitch and thread.

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How It's Made

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What We Can Make

Branded clothing can be so much more than printing cool art on fabric! Along with name-brand apparel, we offer custom cut and sewed clothing—complete with internal detail, colored piping, embroidery, mesh paneling, and more. Scroll on to see more of our coolest branded clothing for ideas and inspiration.

valor rugby branded clothing

"I have been working with Chris and his team for about a decade now, on a variety of businesses and projects of all kinds. I can say unequivocally that Chris is one of the best business PARTNERS in the apparel and merchandise industry. He is honest, straightforward, ultra resourceful, helpful, caring and hardworking. He always looks around corners, does what is right, and has a pulse on industry best practices to help his clients look good, feel good and exceed expectations when it comes to swag. There is literally no one else in the industry that knows the ropes or cares like Chris does. And if there is ever a situation that has a curveball, a rushed timeline or a monumental ask that requires a 'go the extra mile' step, Chris is your guy. He is magical about making things happen rain or shine, especially if your back is against the wall!"

– Pam Kosanke, 24K Brands