We Are Booshie


Booshie makes truly custom merch and apparel, thoughtfully crafted to turn heads, leave a lasting impression, and set your brand above.

We’re a tight-knit team of creators that always puts the client first. Every one of us has skin in the game for your project—and never stops hustling to deliver the amazing service you deserve.

Chris Babiash

President - CEO

Chris is an industry wrecking ball with a get-it-done factor. He prides himself on relationships, service and transparent communication. He has twenty three years of experience developing custom apparel and promotional products, creating business logos and brands, producing events, manufacturing products and leading organizations to be their best.
In his free time, Chris enjoys exploring, traveling and experiencing life with family and all the wonders the world has to offer. He loves sports, and coaches high school rugby. Reality TV is a guilty pleasure of his, and... he may be considered a professional snacker!

Sean 'Snacks' Lindersmith

CFO - Chief Fun Officer / Social Media

Sean "Snacks" Lindersmith is a rugby professional, personality, and storyteller. He has two amazing children, Madison (17 going on 30), and Deegan (15). As a Veteran of the United States Coast Guard, he proudly served for 13 years. Since leaving the service in 2011, he has been working in the sport full-time.
He has been involved with and created numerous platforms including the Snackscast blog. Sean's strengths include Human Resources development and Event management.

Jason Lien


Jason Lien is based in Arizona but will always be a Minnesotan at heart. After growing up in Lakeville, MN, he attended Bemidji State University, where he studied Graphic Design. After graduating, Jason started earning his stripes by designing team athletic gear and corporate promotional material. Loving to work with his hands, he is known as the workplace handyman as well. Jason currently lives in Tempe, AZ, with his beautiful girlfriend, Katy, and adorable mutt, Hazel. He enjoys spending as much time outdoors in his free time, whether that be hiking, camping, or happy hour on a patio.

Sole Watters


My Name is Sole Watters and I am the current Controller for Booshie. I have 7 years of experience as a Controller and 10 years in the Finance department. My family is a growing family of 5. We have 2 boys, 1 girl and 1 boy in the oven. I was born and raised in Ecuador and graduated from UW-Parkside. My favorite place to go is anywhere that has a beach.

Hannah Nitz

Operations & social media manager

Hannah is a Minnesota native and grew up in Excelsior, MN. She went to the University of Kansas (Rock Chalk!) and has played rugby since 8th grade. She is currently in charge of all Booshie social media and is learning the ropes of the promotional apparel industry. Hannah also has experience working in event and team services in professional rugby and soccer. When she is not at the office Hannah loves to travel, scuba dive, and go on the lake in the summer!

Cal Babiash

Office Gopher

I’m a junior at Centennial High School.  Identified as the Booshie office ‘Gopher’ and odd jobs guy.  I spend most my days playing soccer all over the country and chasing sneakers and sweet clothing for my personal wardrobe.  I specialize in eating Chipotle, Jersey Mike’s and Noodles as my food categories and was trained in sales events size I was 9 years old.


Sales Guru

Sales GuruI'm from the other side of the river. No, not Minneapolis. I'm from the other side of the St. Croix River...aka 'Sconnie! I was born in Woodruff and grew up in Stevens Point. My blood bleeds green and gold...and potatoes, naturally. I now reside in St. Paul. I've done a few things, seen a few things, learned a few things between there and here and am ready to do more of all that with new life challenges. I'm one cat away from being a certified crazy cat lady. Animals and nature are my jam. First sport I ever participated in was figure skating. These days, you'll find me out on the field under Friday night lights - as an official. Looking forward to what the future holds at Booshie and beyond!


Office Dog

I’m the Booshie office dog.  I enjoy the days monitoring what all the humans are doing, sunning in my office window and making sure I don’t miss out on the daily dog bone from my human UPS driver.  I drink loads of water, go outside, nap (lots) and love a good butt scratch from any of my Booshie co-workers."